10 Reasons We Love High-Low Dresses

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Every corner I turn there's a high-low dress or skirt passing by. Today I decided to go around the office and find out what this high-low craze is all about.

"It's a great transitional piece that can easily take you from day to night"
- Katherine Cheng, Web Buyer

 "You can show off your legs and shoes without showing everything else."
- Jessica Iglesias, Accessories Distributor 

"Flowy, Flirty and Fun."
- Michelle Wang, Accessories Assistant Buyer 

"They're perfect for the summer, lightweight and comfortable."
- Jeanette Guardiola, E-commerce Art Director

"Allows you to look classy and sexy without trying too hard."
- Edita Muminovic, Off-Price Apparel Distributor 

"High-lows add an extra element of intrigue to an outfit. They make you want to look at the outfit from all angles not just the front!"
- Amanda Robinson, Fashion Tops Assistant Buyer 

"Its simple yet sexy."
- Julia Guo, Fashion Assistant Buyer

"It has two elements every girl wants...alluring and tasteful."
- Nicole Fainsan, Plus Assistant Buyer 

"They're always figure flattering and can be worn by women of all ages."
- Erika Lopez, Graphic Designer

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