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Monday, May 14, 2012

While browsing through our May in-store music mix, I came across Cassie's long awaited comeback single "King of Hearts". Her monotone voice over the "jungle beat", hand clapping and echoes is hypnotizing. Needless to say, "King of Hearts" has been on repeat ever since. The feel of her electro-dance-pop hit is so fresh, how could I have forgotten about this song! “You are the prince of charm/Seduction is your art/You’ll never play my love/You’re just my king of hearts,...”

Another banging track on May's music mix is new comer Azealia Banks's "212" ft Lazy Jay.  I first heard this track on our Assistant Visual Merchandiser's playlist a few months back. After hearing the upbeat song a few more times, "212" has grown on me.  Azealia Banks's lyrics are clever, witty and x-rated. Nothing I'll type out in this blog post, you'll have to hear it for yourself. You know... all the typical elements you need to make it as a female rapper nowadays.  "212" has landed the 20 year-old New Yorker on NME's 2011 cool list, a feature story on Refinery and editorial spreads in GQ, V, Elle and T magazine.

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