How To Wear Jeans In The Workplace

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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Some of us are fortunate, we can wear jeans to work everyday.  Others, not so fortunate with jeans only allowed on Fridays. No matter how relaxed the office culture, it's your responsibility to dress up your jeans.  In most cases the relaxed t-shirt and jeans look is not work appropriate.

Here are my tips on dressing up your jeans for work:

Simplicity Is Key
You want to keep your denim as low-key as possible.  The goal is to be comfortable without appearing unprofessional. Choose a pair of dark wash jeans with little to no treatments. Prominent whiskers, large rhinestones, rips and bleaching can be too casual for the office.

A cardigan or blazer is the finishing touch to dressing up your jeans. Wear a contrasting top underneath your cardigan or blazer to add interest.

Balancing Act
You want to avoid looking frumpy or too sexy.  If you choose a straight or wide leg pair of jeans, wear a fitted top and heels. If you opt for the oh so popular skinny, pair it with a loose fitting top and flats.  Relaxed jeans, fitted top. Tight jeans, loose top.

A skinny belt, lightweight printed scarf or bold jewelry can also dress up your look.

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