Office Style : The Striped Blazer

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blazer, $23.97
(available at select locations)

Majority of the girls wanted to get their hands on this striped blazer as soon as it hit the door. Today, Assistant Buyer Amanda was spotted sporting hers. Amanda kept it simple by layering her blazer over a black tank and jeans. Très chic!

The stylish fitted single breasted blazer comes in a soft knit body. Black/white horizontal and diagonal striped motif creates a slimming effect. Features include, solid trimming, two button closure, long sleeves, tapered waist and faux placket front pockets.  


AliciaLu said...

Mandie you look fantastic. Love you Cousin!

Anonymous said...

en donde lo consigo en PR!!

Christina said...

Gorgeous! She's so pretty in her striped blazer.

Christina @ Mens Suit Sale

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