Treat Yourself, It's Time To Spend Those Gift Cards

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clothing is the last thing I like to be gifted. Let's face it, who really knows your style better than you. For instance, someone saw me in a few printed items and drew the conclusion she must love prints. Next thing you know, I'm opening up a gift box with a printed sweater I wouldn't be caught dead in.  No bueno!  Since then, my motto has been I gladly accept gift cards.

Every year around this time I compile a list of items I'd like to purchase for myself.  Of course the list is 90% clothing and accessories.  And guess what I use to purchase those items?  My gift cards!

Here are a few gift card worthy items that'll freshen up your wardrobe.   A pair of denim jeans,  elegant shoulder duster earrings, a lux faux fur scarf and a pair of edgy lace-up boots.

Embroidered Pocket Dark Denim Skinny Jeans($22.99) Ruby Red Shoulder Duster Earrings($4.99) Faux Fur Scarf($9.99) Faux Fur Trim Lace-Up PU Boots($34.99)

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