Style Tip Thursday : Holiday Makeup

Thursday, December 22, 2011

From left to right clockwise : Zoe Salanda, Katy Perry, JoJo, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez. (photos from

You've probably got an idea of the look you'll be going for this holiday season. Dress, check. Shoes, check.  Accessories, check. But let's not forget your game face.  Above are five make-up ideas for a festive face.

Are you planning on wearing a sequin or sparkly dress?  If so, go with a little glow or a natural look.   For simpler outfits add a touch of drama with shimmery eyeshadow.  Sexy ensembles call for a seductive smokey eye or sassy pink puckers.  Keep in mind not to over do it. The focus should either be on the eyes or lips, never both.

Continue reading for videos on how to achieve each look from youtube's makeup community.

Dezired Beauty shows us how to get the glow.

Learn how to shimmy shimmy shimmer with the Queen of Blending MUA.

Get the perfect Pink Pucker with this video by Kandee Johnson.

Smokey Eye by Lea Michelle.

Watch Sephora's No-Makeup Tutorial to achieve the natural look.

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