Style Tip Thursday(Holiday Edition) : The Do's and Dont's to Stockings and Sandals

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wearing stockings and sandals is a highly debated fashion issue.  Some fashionistas scream yay others nay.

I'm all for stockings and sandals. Sandals are sold all year. Therefore, they can be worn all year around.  Some will argue differently, stating open-toe shoes were meant to show off your toes.  I say ask yourself this, when has there been a time when sandals were unavailable or unattainable?  I'll give you a few seconds to think about it...Exactly, never.

Unlike boots there's always a wide variety of sandals available all year around.  Stockings and sandals are not limited to the runway and celebrities.

During the holidays most of us have a long list of formal events to attend. Many times an open-toe shoe is the only footwear that can complement your ensemble. You can go bare and freeze or add a pair of stockings into the mix. For the 1% with door to door service freezing your buns off in open-toe shoes isn't a concern. But for the 99%, it's an issue that needs to be addressed. The key to pulling the look off is pairing the right stockings with the right open-toe shoe.

Here are the stockings and sandals rules I live by:

DON'T wear stockings with a reinforced toe, heel or seams.

DO wear seamless stockings, seams weren't meant to be seen.

DON'T wear fishnets or sheer stockings with strappy sandals.

DO wear your fishnets, flesh tone and sheer stockings with peep toe shoes.

DON'T paint your toes in bright hues, you don't want your toe nails to be the main attraction.  Bright colored toes will show, even if you're in opaque stockings.

DO wear thick strappy sandals with opaque stockings.

DON'T wear your strappy sandals with sheer or fishnet stockings.

DON'T wear thin strappy, rhinestone or lucite sandals with stockings.

DO wear stockings and sandals if you're wearing a mini or midi skirt/dress.

DON'T wear stockings and sandals if you are wearing a long evening gown.

DO wear like colored stockings.  This gives the illusion of longer legs.

DON'T wear bright colored stockings unless you intend on looking like you're playing dress up.

P.S. - When in doubt, keep it basic and go with black on black.

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