Style Tip Thursday : Shoulder Duster Earrings

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shoulder dusters, the new craze! Everyday more and more celebs are choosing statement earrings over the statement necklace.  "Dusters" are any type of earrings almost, actually "dusting" or surpassing the shoulder.  Dusters can be found in chain, jewel, feather, beaded and hoop styles.  They can be sexy, elegant or edgy...depending on the style you choose.

Style Tip #1: Keep your Hair Simple and Neat.  
Shoulder dusters go perfectly with updos, side sweeps and ponytails.  If you like to wear your hair down pull your tresses behind your ears or wear a pair of uber-long/bright dusters.  Shoulder dusters unlike studs weren't meant to blend in.

Style Tip #2: Avoid Over-Accessorizing.  
Love to accessorize? Then, balance it out by keeping your neckline clean and stacking up on the bangles and rings.  Feel incomplete without a necklace? Choose a long pendant necklace to avoid drawing all the attention in one area.

If you haven't tried the look before this is the perfect time to experiment.  Party season is right around the corner and dusters look great on bare shoulders.  Statement earrings is a trend anyone could pull off.

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LocalCeleb said...

I'm absolutely loving the bright blue feather earrings!

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